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The Curtain Theatre
Milkstone Road, Rochdale, OL11 1EB
Telephone 01706 642008

14th - 26th September 2015

Brassed Off (1998)
by Paul Allen & Mark Herman
This play is presented by special arrangement with
Samuel French Ltd
Directed by Mark Rosenthal


Danny’s devotion to the brass band he conducts is so fanatical he fails to notice that his players and their mining community are falling apart. But there could be one last chance of greatness. Adapted from the BAFTA-nominated film, the play has comic heart, northern grit and an onstage brass ensemble.


9th - 21st November 2015

The Bright And Bold Design (1991)
by Peter Whelan
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with
Joseph Weinberger Limited
Directed by Peter Fitton


Loosely inspired by the work of Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper in the 1930s, Whelan (The Accrington Pals, The Herbal Bed) illustrates the moment when Art Deco designs made a splash amongst the lady paintresses of a Stoke-on-Trent pottery. A wonderful work play, contrasting the frisky female wit of the production line with a personal story of thwarted sexuality and artistic ambition.


10th - 13th December 2015

The Christmas Panto


Written and Directed by Billy Sheerin


In response to overwhelming demand, the CT’s leading doyen of the traditional panto revives (and reconditions) one of his best scripts in a festive romp, full of Twanky-panky and genie-al fun for all the family.


8th - 20th February 2016

Up’N’Under (1984)
by John Godber
This play is presented by special arrangement with
Samuel French Ltd
Directed by Colin Green


The Wheatsheaf Arms’s pub rugby league team has an unenviable record of miserable defeats until their squad of misfits is taken on by a new female manager. Godber’s feelgood sporting classic tackles the triumph of hope over experience in a rumbustious, comic scrumdown.


11th - 23rd April 2016: To be announced

13th - 25th June 2016

Stones In His Pockets (1996)
by Marie Jones
This play is presented by arrangement with
Nick Hern Books
Directed by Peter Fitton


When a Hollywood film unit moves into a small rural town in Co. Kerry, two extras become obsessed by the glamorous American female star in their midst. A free-wheeling comedy-drama, in which two actors portray 15 characters, a gallery of colourful sketches of both Irish locals and pushy film-makers.

Saddleworth Players

Millgate Arts Centre. Stoneswood Road, Delph OL3 5DY

Telephone 01457 874644



Oct 3–10, 2015
Sponsored by Tanner Business Centre

by Eric Chappell


A couple return home to find they have been burgled but the burglar is still there, and convinces them that he is a policeman investigating the break-in.

Once his true identity is known the burglar reveals all kinds of uncomfortable truths about the couple and their friends. A tongue-in-cheek, witty comedy-thriller with twists and turns to keep you guessing the outcome!

Art exhibition: Claire Louise Mather


A Passionate Woman

Nov 21–28, 2015
Sponsored by Saddleworth Rotary

by Kay Mellor


Betty, a passionate doting mum from Leeds finds it hard to accept that her son, Mark, is leaving the fold to get married. On the wedding morning she retreats to the loft where she relives her long-lost youth and the affair with the man she might have married.

A heartfelt, provocative, often very funny and beautifully written play.

Art exhibition: Richard Clare


Set in Skipton in 1810 this funny, earthy and satirical play concerns Judge Adam who is far from happy to be visited by the investigating magistrate seeking out signs of malpractice.

The trial he oversees seems uncomplicated at first: the formidable Martha is suing her daughter's fiancé for breaking her jug. However the plot thickens as family grievances are unearthed, and discovering the identity of a mysterious man seen with the daughter, become crucial to the case.

Art exhibition: Stuart Coleman (photography)


The Handyman

Apr 2–9, 2016
by Ronald Harwood


Cressida and Julian Field live comfortably in the English countryside with their elderly Ukrainian odd-job man and friend of the family, Romka. Suddenly the police arrive. What has Romka done? Is he guilty? Is there a time limit on revenge and punishment?

The Handyman explores questions of culpability, retribution. universal responsibility and the possibility of evil.

First produced in 1996 but with themes still relevant today.

Art exhibition: Saddleworth Group of Artists spring exhibition


She Stoops To Conquer

May 28–Jun 4, 2016
Sponsored by Studio Fritz

by Oliver Goldsmith


When Marlowe mistakes Kate's house for an inn and treats her father like an inn keeper, things are not going to go smoothly for him. With her brother causing mischief, her father insulted and her mother plotting a marriage nobody wants it's no wonder Kate has to stoop to conquer.

Writing in 1773, Goldsmith believed comedy should provoke laughter by exposing vice and folly to ridicule'.

This timeless classic is a super costume play to round off our season.

Art exhibition: Edward Bates


The Lyceum Theatre

95 Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1QG

Telephone 0161 627 1032



Of Mice and Men
by John Steinbeck.
Friday 13—Saturday 21 November, 2015

7.30pm (no performance Sunday 15 November)
Set during hard mes in 1930s California, this is an adaptaon from the
wonderful classic novel by John Steinbeck.
Lennie is a giant of a man, incredibly strong but childlike and George is the
quick-wi6ed, caring organiser of their lives. Their journey is fraught with
hazards but their strange, yet very real friendship will warm your hearts.
On winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, Steinbeck talked about celebrang
“man’s capacity for greatness of heart and spirit; gallantry in defeat; courage,
compassion, and love.” This play embodies these human traits, as you are
drawn into the journey of Lennie and George and the people they meet and
you witness their dreams, their hopes, and their courage.
Tickets: £8

The Beauty Queen of Leenane
by Marn McDonagh
Friday 5—Saturday 13 February, 2016

7.30pm (no performance Sunday 7 February)
In a small town in western Ireland, spinster Maureen Folan lives alone with
her diabolically helpless mother Mag, effecvely imprisoned by this harridan.
When romance blossoms between Maureen and the sweet, uncomplicated
Pato Dooley, the relaonship between mother and daughter worsens, seQng
the stage for an explosive showdown.
Marn McDonagh’s plays always draw an extremely fine line between
comedy and cruelty. One audience member, aRer watching this play, is
quoted as saying, “I have a funny feeling that I shouldn't be laughing so hard.”
You too will find this producon wildly funny, yet deeply affecng.
Tickets: £8

Billy Liar
by Keith Waterhouse
Friday 8—Saturday 16 April, 2016

7.30pm (no performance Sunday 10 April)
Billy lives in the North of England with his parents and grandmother. In an
effort to bring a li6le colour into his life, he dreams of moving away and
becoming a comedy writer but never gets round to it. He also lies
compulsively, from the fairly inconsequenal to overblown, compulsive
whoppers! This has led him to be simultaneously engaged to two women,
while in love with a third.
It has been said many mes of Keith Waterhouse that he “idenfied with the
great cause of cheering us all up” and we are sure that you will be cheered up
by this somemes sad but very funny, familiar, ever popular, sweet story.
Tickets: £8

The Odd Couple
by Neil Simon
Friday 10—Saturday 18 June, 2016

7.30pm (no performance Sunday 12 June)
Neil Simon is one of the world’s most successful playwrights and “The Odd
Couple” one of his best loved plays. But did you know he also wrote a female
version of this classic? Sll set in New York, this hilarious version recounts the
trials and tribulaons of Florence and Olive.
Easy going Olive invites the ‘girls’ to her sloppy apartment, for an evening of
Trivial Pursuit. Upght, neat and dy Florence arrives late, having leR her
husband. When the two become totally mismatched housemates, the
troubles really begin!
The New York Post called this play “Very funny indeed” and we all agree!
Tickets: £8


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